Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Are You A Happy Glamper?

Glamour + Camping = Glamping, camping in style! (source:rockabellebombshell)
My mister and I camped as newlyweds, often with a group of friends, and it was lots of fun back then. Hiking, campfires, and lots of laughs. etc.  But, after the kids started to arrive, I decided I didn't want to camp with a baby, and I was over sleeping on the ground (not to mention, hoisting myself out of bed at night to stumble around in the dark and pee in the woods). I guess I realized I was more of a hotel vacationer or a condo kinda girl. Can I get an amen?!

So, I thought my camping days were over…but, then…I discovered "glamping," a fabulous mix of glamor and camping. My friends over at Ruby Rose told me about this "camping in style."

There are different ways to go about Glamping. But, why you may ask, would I even consider this new found "roughing it" style? Well, my kids are growing up fast and I want to enjoy time with them, and I really do like the outdoors, but with a few more refinements. Plus, everything seems to go a little slower when you have to live by the rules of sun up and sun down.  

This is not -- repeat, not -- glamping.

As I've been looking at glamping, I've found a whole world online. Where to stay, and all manner of glamorous camping from wall-tents to trailers. Rallies to attend.  Books to read.

But what I really fell in love with was vintage trailers.  I want to buy a vintage trailer, preferably already restored--budget allowing--and go on the road.

I have such sweet memories from a trip our family took two years ago, driving from San Luis Obispo, California to Yellowstone in Montana, back down through the Grand Canyon, with a final sweep through Las Vegas.

You've got to have a cute ride!
It was so much fun, but boy did we spend a lot of money on hotels (even the cheap ones!) It occurred to me that the kids would be thrilled to sleep under the stars while mom and dad had a comfortable bed in a super-cute vintage trailer. We stay in inexpensive campgrounds, and everyone is happy.

This book, Glamping by MaryJane Butters has been my glamping bible, fun to read, and it covers everything a girl could want to know about pulling up stakes and getting out on the road.

Are you thinking about glamping? Do you share my vintage trailer crush?  Share your thoughts (and encouragement!) in the comments. 

And if you're curious, here are a few links to other glamping sites:


  1. I could go for some glamping - especially since I'm no 'spring chicken' - haha

    1. We're definitely looking forward to doing this when we retire, but I think the kids will like it too!

  2. I am a divorced lady (63) and retired so this looks right up my alley. I also have a fondness for the vintage trailers. Would love to buy one and go on the road with a bunch of other travelers who have these darling little homes on wheels.

    1. There are lots of groups out there, Candi, that will help you find a trailer (and avoid a lemon), and also that you can plan roadtrips with. The links at the end of the post are a start, and I'll be doing another post soon on how to get started.

  3. I also am divorced, but unfortunately at 61 starting life all over again especially financially. It is my dream to join the glamping life style and I am getting things in order and preparing for my day. Mary Janes Farm is my life blood. The dream is a ways off, but I'm sure it will be happening some day. Thank you for blogging. Please do more.

    1. I'm definitely working on it! Blogging is a challenge for me -- I'm better at decorating : ) -- but it's something I'm inspired to do, so continue to work at it. Thanks for the encouragement!