Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sparkle in the Dirt

When my mister and I started on this business adventure,  I told him I wanted the company name to be a little bit of sparkle mixed with the down home organic style I grew up with.  I grew up romping around my family's ranch.  
Ice plant in spring bloom

My Grandfather built his ranch from recycled wood. He knew everyone in town and when he heard a building was being torn down, he would bring his crew to help take down the building in exchange he got to keep all the wood. In turn, he took this wood out to the ranch and rebuilt the building with it. In essence he built himself a little town.  He collected buildings like most guys collect cars.  Of course I thought this was completely normal. 
My style has always been eclectic. I like Shabby Chic, I like the dark rich wood of Hawaii. I lived there till I was eight. I like coastal cottage. I have never lived more than 10 minutes from the pacific ocean. Except for that little side trip to New Jersey, but thats a whole different story.   
I grew up spending time at the ranch but I was also a product of the 80's. With all of it's preppy topsiders and double collars, and who can forget Madonna.

We didn't have much money so my mom was the master at finding cool relevant clothes for me at the thrift store so I wouldn't be shunned by all my peers.  A horror for any teenage girl. 

This was not the beginning of my love for found treasure at rock bottom prices. I had been going to thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets with my mom since I was little.

All of those experiences have influenced my style and my desire to have a company that is both sparkly and organic. Diamonds and vintage fabric. Burlap and rhinestones. And in this we came up with the name Glitterfarm. Organic glamour. 

As we continue to develop our brand we will  continue to combine  the organic with some sparkle because I like to wear my rhinestones and diamonds with my cowboy boots.
That's just how I roll.

p.s. Because this year is all about growing, I will be learning to take better pictures and posting them here. Please have grace for me as I learn and grow into the blogger I know is locked inside of me.