Sunday, January 27, 2013

A peek behind the scenes at Glitterfarm

Big families mean big noise and big fun at get togethers. While I'm an only child, my mom is one of five, so with my aunts, my uncle, and a zillion cousins, it seems we've always got a reason to get together. Sometimes we even make up reasons.

Like this past weekend, for example. My husband ("Mr. Glitterfarm"), who does the marketing for our business, asked me if I could get some models for the new tee shirts we designed. We needed pictures, and we needed them fast! I sent an SOS to my family: HELP! Pretty please? I had my yeses within a few hours!

The day of the shoot, Mr. Glitterfarm loaded all the gear into the minivan, and the six of us piled in for the short drive out to my mom's house.

My mom lives in a little adobe my great grandmother built in 1950. It's nestled among the golden hills and scrub oak of Central California's Huasna Valley, and decorated with the treasures she's found in her years as a vintage collector (they used to call this "a junker"). This makes her yard perfect for lots of our photo shoots. (See also here and here.)

This time, our shoot would be on my grandfather's property, just up the hill. We picked two locations, both cowboy-era buildings that my grandfather had moved from town and reconstructed on his property in the 60s and 70s (more about this "building collection" in another post.)

Location one for our Glitterfarm Tee Shirt photo shoot: "The Barber Shop," complete with an old barber's chair inside!

Location 2: behind "The Opera House," a saloon-style building with a big dance floor inside and a huge barbecue outside.

As we tried to get the lighting right, my girls snuck into all the pictures they could. My boys, generally bored with photos, were running around with their bb guns shooting "away from people and houses," as instructed (fingers crossed...)

My littlest loved posing with the ladies.

Soon, a white truck rolled up the dirt road in a cloud of dust and pulled up to the shoot. Out hopped my models: my mom, aunt Sarah, aunt Kate, and my cousin's friend Ellie, all dressed in cute jeans, cute shoes, and lots of bling (we are Glitterfarm girls after all!). Sure, we got a lot of great pics, but I think I enjoyed the laughter and conversation more.

After the shoot, my mom hosted a barbecue on her back patio. We piled our mismatched, vintage plates with ribs and organic greens, plunked down in an assortment of brightly painted chairs, and chatted and laughed into the twilight.

On the drive home, my mister and I chuckled about how different "working on the weekend" is for Glitterfarm, compared to his previous corporate job. We also talked about how blessed we are to have a big family that's so supportive of my Glitterfarm dream.

(PS The last day to order those shirts is Jan. 31, so head on over to this link if you want one : )

My mom's yard adorned with "found objects." Always a fun backdrop for Glitterfarm. The house is built from the same adobe bricks you see here.

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