Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Yard Sale Romance

I'm an avid garage saler. And by "avid," I mean crazy; like, giddy, weak-in-the-knees enthusiastic. My husband and I (now just past our 15th anniversary) have been going to yard sales together since we were dating, and we both come from families that made yard sales frequent family outings.

I grew up with a single mom who is creative, has a fantastic sense of style, and a keen eye for good junk. Blend that with the fact that we didn't have a lot of money, and I learned early on that yard sales make a dollar go a lot further.

Of course, as a girl, I didn't like the garage sale style. Chippy-rusty-old yard art, mismatched-but-vintage china and silverware, and funky cottage antiques were normal to me, but so different from my friend who had all the new stuff. (I used to think it was so cool that all her plates matched, and of course she loved that all mine didn't : )

Let's say that with age, though, I've come to appreciate my roots. And, having married a man with the same passion for the "thrill of the hunt," we're an unstoppable force on Saturday morning.

When my husband and I were first married, we'd be up at 6 on Saturdays, getting coffee and rolling up to the 7AM sales just a touch too early, hoping we'd find someone who thought of us as customers rather than "early birds." When we did, we'd scope the sale (and the still unpacked boxes) with the flashlights we'd brought, searching for treasure in the pre-dawn chill.

Since then, we've made garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, tag sales, barn sales, car boot sales, flea markets, rummage sales, jumble sales, and all the other "piles of junk" a part of our Saturday mornings. Even on vacations, cross-country trips, overseas excursions and business trips, if we can fit in some g'sales, we'll do it.

We use an app called iGarageSale which plots sales near your location. Great if you're at a hotel in the DC metro like this trip. That's a lotta sales!

Hmmm, this could be interesting.
When walking to NYC sales, the scenery is different than when driving to a local Central California barn sale.
...too bad. This wouldn't fit in the overhead bin.

Mostly I would look for chippy furniture and home accents while my husband is always searching for American-made tools and lighting to rewire and sell.

Today, we do some resale through Glitterfarm, my creative outlet, online community, and business. This has only fueled our enthusiasm, spilling over even to our kids who frequently choose to spend allowance dollars on Saturday vs. during the week. 

I couldn't imagine not garage saling. Even on mornings when I start out thinking, "Nah. I'm tired," I get the nagging, "something good could be out there," feeling, and we all pile in the car. 

Anyone else have the bug? Leave your comments, as I'd love to hear about what you love about yard sales.


(By the way, I'll be at the Remnants of the Past vintage market this weekend with some of my finds. If you're in California, or know someone who is, take a look! Here's the page and the blog.)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Living Unscripted

Most days I wake up with a plan. I know the first six things I plan to do as soon as I have my first cup of coffee. I can't help it. I'm a planner-list-maker-type. With four littles, the wheels would come off the bus if I wasn't! 

But there's a downside. It can be hard to just let life happen. "No plan" means uncertainty. Spontaneity, but a lack of control?! That's crazy! But, no-plan days often make the best art days, and sure, they're usually more fun. It's a bumpy road during the day when there's no plan, but sometimes that's when the fun happens.

Our littlest farmer lives life "unscripted;" it's obvious on days she picks her own outfit. 

"Today, I'm Supergirl, mama," said the confident 3-year-old this morning, as she padded down the hall in this little number:

Pink superhero mask, leopard-print top, gray tights, and purple suede boots, each on the wrong foot.

"Sweetie, your boots are on the wrong feet," says Mom. 

"I love boots on wrong feet, mama!" says Little Farmer, breezing down the stairs and heading for her tot bike. 

Confident uncertainty. Unscripted beauty. Always fun. Life lessons from a 3-year-old?

I like that.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My online/offline tug-of-war

Does anyone feel like there are more things to do online than there are hours in the day? I'm a crafty mom who loves to create, but with Facebook, Pinterest, this blog, my website, and etsy store, my computer and sewing machine are always fighting for my attention!

So, I'm sorry for the long delay in blog posts. I'll be adding more (but shorter) posts so I can still get it all done (there's that family competing for my attention too : )

The Glitterfarm May Flowers promotion, is going well so far. But, as I started to see my Facebook Likes grow, it occurred to me that I want people to think of of more than Paper Flowers when they think of Glitterfarm. The ladies who stopped by my booth at a recent local craft show loved these little sachets and flower clips, so I'll start posting these cuties on etsy soon.

Let me know what you think of these, and I'll post more stuff here (including things my hubby is doing with wood and metal).

OK, my sewing machine is whining, so I have to go. More soon...

This is what cashmere J. Crew sweaters look like when reincarnated: 
a super-soft, clip-anywhere lavender-filled sachet.

A little bit country, a little bit rock-and-roll. This clip blends linen, lace,
burlap, and a vintage mother-of-pearl button.