Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Farmhouse Porch: Desk Reveal! New CrUsTy shelves,sticks, and a nest...

Today is a great day. The sun is shining, the kids are all healthy.  My workout is over, and I found a new yummy blog to follow. check her out here. The Farmhouse Porch: Desk Reveal! New CrUsTy shelves,sticks, and a nest...: Hi Everybody!! How are you today? I'm having a great morning. Anytime I get to play with new "junk" I'm as happy as a baby with candy. ...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's a new year, It's a new day.

I went to a conference in September  called in St. Paul, Minnesota. I learned so much. I took classes that were inspiring. I met amazing women that were just like me,  trying to do their craft, raise a family, stay sane.  You know the drill.  What I learned from that experience is to live your life with no regrets.  I got to Minnesota a little before the conference started, I was cruising the lobby looking for artsy people like me. I met some very creative people. Stacy Julian, Jo Packham, Melody Ross,Holly Becker. just to name a few.  In the process of checking in I noticed these girls having a problem with their room. "what's going on?, I said"  they said we wanted to stay here but we were booked in the other hotel where the VIP's are supposed to stay.  So I come to find out these lovely ladies are none other than Stacy Julian and her friends. They were the VIP's. Stacy was one of the speakers at the conference and talked on several panels.  They asked if I wanted to trade rooms to take my humble broken suitcase down about a block to another hotel and I said.... No. I can't believe I did. But I was so tired from traveling and I hadn't really decompressed from my crazy life yet.  Having just arrived and after 3 plane trips to get to Minnesota. Up at 3am. I said no. And I regret it. Every time I think of all the amazing women gathered at this convention. The people I met. The cool art I got to do sitting next to Holly Becker and Leigh Stanley a.k.a. . I got to meet Susan Branch during the speed dating round on the first day. A get to know your neighbor ice breaker. I said no to Stacy Julian. If you don't know her you should. SHe is an amazing woman. A mom, a business woman, an artist, a crafter. So.... I have learned so much in such a short time between then and now.  Live with no regrets! I think that is my word for this year.  So today I am finally.... starting this blog.  I want to tell you my story. And I will. About crafting, about adoption, about cooking,  about parenting.  This is my journey....   join me.
I have an idea... class I took with Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins from Brave Girls Club 
me with Melody Ross

Traci Bautista and me

my new friend Renee from

Jo Packham and Nancy Soriano

Kelly Rae Roberts and Leigh Standley